An explanation of the Campus Framework: SU’s 20-year infrastructure project

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Syracuse University released the Campus Framework draft, a 20-year guideline for the physical campus, in June. Some of the near-term projects included in the draft, such as the University Place promenade, are already underway.

When Chancellor Kent Syverud came to Syracuse University, he introduced Fast Forward Syracuse, a decades-long initiative for the university that would serve as a framework for future administrative decisions.

Fast Forward Syracuse contains three parts: the Academic Strategic Plan, the Campus Framework and the Operational Excellence Program.

what is CF Clare Ramirez | Presentation Director

Background on the Campus Framework

Shortly after Syverud was inaugurated as chancellor of Syracuse University, he made an announcement to the university community about the Fast Forward Syracuse initiative.

Between then and now, many information, feedback and review sessions about the Campus Framework have been held both for university officials and the larger SU community.

For the last 18 months, members of an advisory group have been planning and reaching out to the campus community in order to complete the first draft of the Campus Framework.

Here is a timeline of events leading up to the release of the Campus Framework draft:

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USE THIS advisory group 17Clare Ramirez | Presentation Director

What’s happening now?

Most recently, Syverud released a draft of the Campus Framework to the SU community on June 20. This came after 18 months of planning and campus outreach from the 17-member Campus Framework Advisory Group.

The 42-page Campus Framework draft detailed many other near-term projects, including the National Veterans Resource Complex (NVRC), Carrier Dome improvements and roof replacement, the “Arch” student life and recreation center and Waverly Avenue streetscape improvements.

Plans to renovate and make Schine and Bird “collaborative study spaces” with “increased physical connectivity” are also included in the Campus Framework.

Some projects — such as the University Place promenade — that are part of the larger Campus Framework plan are already underway. The promenade is expected to be complete before classes start for the fall semester at the end of August.

In addition, the university is working on more than 120 campus construction projects this summer — all part of the Campus Framework.

Read more about ongoing Campus Framework projects: National Veterans Resource Complex and University Place promenade.

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Cathryn Newton, a member of the Campus Framework Advisory Group and a professor of earth sciences at SU, said in an interview with The Daily Orange that the Campus Framework is going to be subject to comments, suggestions and criticism from the SU community. She said this feedback will be a key feature of the plan and she hopes it will point the way to future drafts or versions of the plan.

Here are more highlights from the Campus Framework draft with annotations by Sara Swann, news editor:

How much will this cost SU?

Currently the total cost of the Campus Framework is unknown, as that information was not detailed in the recently-released draft. But here are the known costs for some Campus Framework projects based on past documents and reports:

project costsClare Ramirez | Presentation Director

When protesting the University Place promenade, SU faculty members said the money the university is spending to build the promenade could be better used for other projects. For example, they said the $6 million could be used instead to hire staff members or cover the funding cut from the Posse scholarship program.

at what costClare Ramirez | Presentation Director

The Daily Orange will continue to update this Explainer as new information about the Campus Framework is released.

Disclaimer: The Daily Orange leases a house on Ostrom Avenue owned by Syracuse University. As part of the Campus Framework, the university has proposed building student housing on Ostrom Avenue where The Daily Orange currently operates.


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