Don’t sleep on Hulu’s ‘The Path’

Last year saw plenty of already-popular TV actors trying to take on new projects in order to save or extend their already-glamorous careers. Some crashed and burned, some survived enough to not be forgotten for at least a couple more seasons, but very few made it memorable. Aaron Paul of “Breaking Bad” was one of them.

Paul is now starring in “The Path,” a Hulu-exclusive show that follows the path of Eddie Lane and his wife Sarah, portrayed by Michelle Monaghan. The show ventures deep into the mystery of a New Age religion that claims members and sets them on a new path of personal enlightenment. Hugh Dancy plays the role of Cal Roberts, an ambitious yet unofficial leader of this religion called the Meyerist Movement, after its founder Dr. Stephen Meyer. Although the plot revolves around Meyerism and the sudden death of its infamous founder, you will find yourself with growing interest in the lives of the characters that it affects.

But this is all just season one, and season two is set to be even better.

After an attempt at churning out a half-decent silver screen blockbuster — ahem, “Need For Speed,” ahem — and a few other projects that flew under the radar, Paul was back on the medium that made him famous. Also starring “Hannibal’s” Dancy and “True Detective’s” Monaghan, “The Path” is an underrated masterpiece. Which is why it’s about time you started re-watching season one in order to catch up with season two.

In a world where everyone craves for the unusual and the unnatural, “The Path” establishes itself in a territory that feels familiar, but is far from it. No dimension-hopping aliens or mothers of dragons trying to rule the world. This show is about normal people. I mean, as normal as they get. A show about a newly-established cult religion, its dead founder and a devotee whose faith is wavering, “The Path” gives you a sense of thrill that is also realistic and relatable. After all, turbulent characters are the new norm.

“The Path” was renewed for a second season on Hulu, which premiered Wednesday. The first season, which left the show with a multitude of cliffhangers, is bound to shake things up even further in season two.

“I think we’re grappling with these questions of what people believe when people corrupt their power,” creator and executive Jessica Goldberg told Variety, when talking about the much darker plots and twists that are to come in season two.

But just the anticipation of a much darker, more enthralling season is not the only thing that makes this show worth watching, or in some cases, re-watching.

It also showcases Monaghan in one of her best roles yet, perhaps even surpassing her portrayal of Maggie Hart in HBO’s ensemble drama “True Detective.” It is the 21st century, and women in TV are far from doing roles as secondary, uninteresting characters — take Viola Davis as an example. Monaghan’s role, still secondary to that of Paul, is still important enough to make her an extremely valuable entity in the future of the show. Plus, season two promises Sarah is about to do things no one thought she was capable of.

So, while you wait for shows like “Stranger Things” to return, or obsess over how you finally dragged through to the finale of “The OA,” pay a visit to this underrated classic and watch season one of “The Path.” Trust me, it’s worth it.

Malvika Randive is a freshman majoring in writing and rhetoric. Her column appears weekly in Pulp. She can be reached at


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