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Syracuse University misses Campus Framework draft release target

Will Carrara | Contributing Photographer

The last time Syracuse University released a draft of the Campus Framework was in June.

Syracuse University did not release an updated Campus Framework plan draft in January after officials originally said it would.

The Campus Framework is one of the three components of Chancellor Kent Syverud’s Fast Forward Syracuse initiative. The other two elements of Fast Forward Syracuse are the Academic Strategic Plan and the Operational Excellence Program.

The university was supposed to share an updated draft by the end of January with the campus community. The university last released a draft of the framework in June 2016.

The framework is designed to serve as a blueprint for the physical campus development of the university over the next 20 years. The creation of the University Place promenade, which was finished before the 2016 fall semester last year, was one of the goals of the framework. One future goal included in the framework is the eventual phase-out of South Campus student housing.

The June draft — which was made public after 18 months of planning and campus outreach from the 17-member Campus Framework Advisory Group — did not detail the cost of the framework.

The university has held several open information sessions in the past semester to seek input on the framework. Pete Sala, SU’s vice president and chief facilities officer, hinted during a Campus Framework open forum last September that the January deadline was an “aggressive schedule” that might or might not be kept.

This is not the first time the university has recently missed a target deadline. The demolition of the Hoople Building on the corner of Waverly and South Crouse avenues was repeatedly delayed until it was taken down over winter break.


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