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Hungry Chuck’s demolition isn’t the end of Chuck’s, and is actually a smart move for the future of Marshall Street

A proposal to demolish the student-favorite bar Hungry Chuck’s passed Monday, and while this may be disappointing for the Syracuse University community, Chuck’s lovers can rest assured that there is likely a place for the bar in the building that will replace its current location.

The Syracuse Planning Commission passed the proposal, which includes the demolition of several South Crouse Ave. businesses and the construction of a mixed-use building containing both retail stores and luxury student apartments in its place. Chuck’s is among the South Crouse Ave. businesses that will be torn down should the plan go through the final hurdles following its approval by the commission, which is regarded as the highest hurdle of the process.

The proposed demolition of Chuck’s caused an uproar on social media among SU students, who repeatedly posted the hashtag “#savechucks.” It’s warranted for students to be upset about their favorite bar closing down, but it seems that some do not understand that the bar will return in a new location. Some also may think the university is responsible for the demolition, but it is part of a project conducted by an independent developer and approved by the Syracuse Planning Commission, which is a body of the city government.

The uncertain timetable of the project leaves the question of when Chuck’s will be out of commission before moving to its new location. Unfortunately, the bar may not be available next year while some students are trying to celebrate their senior year. But the relocation of the bar in the new retail and apartment complex will ultimately bring new life to the Marshall Street area, especially around the South Crouse Avenue alley where Chuck’s currently resides.

The revitalization of that alley will bring a positive economic impact to the area and also make it more aesthetically appealing. If the overall goal of SU’s Campus Framework is to beautify the campus, it’s forward-looking for the immediate vicinity of the campus to supplement that improved environment as well.

The temporary sacrifice of Chuck’s is worthwhile if it means a modern, eight-story complex with a new Chuck’s on its first floor will replace it. The complex will be a positive touch for the Hill, and an economic step forward for the Marshall Street area.


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