Oscars 2017

Pulp predicts the 2017 Oscars

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The 89th Academy Awards will be held Sunday night at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. Before Hollywood’s brightest and newest stars take home their Oscars, Pulp’s movie columnists Erik Benjamin and Lilly Stuecklen offer their predictions for some of major categories. Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, the ceremony begins at 8:30 p.m. on ABC.

Best Picture

Lilly Stuecklen: At this point, this is almost a crapshoot between “La La Landand “Moonlight.” There’s been countless coverage and articles — including one on my own part — reasoning why one should win over the other, with the majority claiming “Moonlight” deserves the win. I want to hope that “Moonlight pulls through on this one, despite the history of the Academy leaning towards films that favor Hollywood. I hope the Academy realizes the importance that a win for “Moonlight” would carry, despite the wider audience viewing that “La La Land” picked up over its theatrical run.

Best Director

Erik Benjamin: Like best picture, I think this one is a surefire hit for “La La Land” and Damien Chazelle. At 31, he’ll be the youngest person ever to win the well-deserved Best Director award. Between songs and dances and generally beautiful sequences, the magic of “La La Land” has stemmed from Chazelle’s direction. I’d consider this a lock, but you never know if Barry Jenkin’s tender leadership of “Moonlight” could make a surprise.

Best Actress

L.S.: Going with the majority on this one: Emma Stone. Stone’s had a hell of a career for someone who’s only been on the map since “Superbad” came out, which was actually in 2007 — sorry, everyone, we’re getting old. With “La La Land” already dominating the nomination game and Stone riding off her “Birdman” nomination buzz from a few years ago, this is one award the film and actress are sure to snag.

Best Actor

E.B.: This is a really close one this year, and while my heart is telling me Denzel, my head is telling me Casey Affleck. Honestly, I think whichever one I pick will lose, and because I’m rooting for Denzel, I’ll pick Casey Affleck. He won almost every award in the book leading up to the big night, and his performance is graceful and heartbreaking. It’s not too over the top, and I think his prior award wins combined with a worthy performance will compensate for the bad press.

Best Supporting Actress

E.B.: Viola Davis. Cash money in the bank. She probably should be in the leading category, where she’d win too, but there is not a universe where she loses this. Then again, there wasn’t a universe where my Falcons lost the Superbowl, but expect a literal gasp in the room if she doesn’t win this one.

Best Supporting Actor

L.S.: If “Moonlight” were to get snubbed in every other category, let Mahershala Ali take home the lone W for the film here. All three actors who portrayed portions of main character Chiron’s life did so with amazing tenacity and raw emotion to a point where no other nominee in this category comes anywhere close.


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