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Reader responds to Feb. 23 Syracuse.com article on Cuomo’s plan to save nuclear plants

Editor’s Note: The following letter to the editor is a response to a Feb. 23 Syracuse.com commentary piece titled “‘Ignorance and arrogance’ undermine opposition to Cuomo’s plan to save nukes.”

Obviously the town attorney for Scriba, New York, is in favor of having nearly $8 billion, of mostly “down state” rate-payer money funneled into his 6,000 person community. You would think that the largest corporate bailout in New York’s history would benefit a more diverse population of the state.

Just like the Wall Street bailout of 2008, Governor Cuomo’s plan to use $7.6 billion of New Yorkers’ hard earned money to bail out out aging nuclear plants in upstate New York will burden the masses, while benefiting very few.

This appears as yet another bureaucratic move that transfers wealth in the wrong direction. I can’t help but wonder how many minorities will be placed with high-paying jobs under this bailout that will primarily benefit Oswego county, where the population is nearly 97 percent white people.

If we gave the 20 million people who live in New York a chance to weigh in on this issue, they would agree that we could do better things for our economy, environment and energy infrastructure with this whopping large sum of cash. But of course, one of the largest decisions in our state’s financial history is being made behind closed doors.


Madison Albert

Environmental Protection Project Leader, NYPIRG


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