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Our Reader: Local senators should sponsor New York Health Act

As the United States navigates its health care crisis, it was helpful to read “England has one of the world’s largest health care systems, but that’s changing fast.”

It may surprise some to know that other than the U.S., all developed countries in the world have some form of universal health insurance.

Private insurance and other industries have bitterly fought efforts at a single, national health program in our country with fear and distortions.

New York can try something new.

The NY Health Act would provide a single structure to pay for the health care of all state residents with $45 billion in savings per year, by reducing administrative, drug and medical device costs. Ninety-eight percent of New Yorkers would pay less. State residents would pay a tax based on income, with higher incomes paying more. The plan would cover all necessary medical care, and be more comprehensive than private insurance plans, including paying for medications. No more copays, deductibles or premiums.

The NY Health Act would stabilize and reduce costs on businesses in NY state, and many, particularly small businesses, would pay less for health insurance. An estimated 200,000 jobs would be created, more than offsetting losses in the private insurance industry.

We need our local state senators to sponsor the NY Health Act. So call State Senators David Valesky and John DeFrancisco today and demand they sponsor the NY Health Act to provide affordable health care for all New Yorkers. Check out www.nyhcampaign.org to get involved.

Sunny Aslam, M.D.

Jamesville, New York


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